What is a talisman?

What is a talisman?

A talisman is any object that has been imbued with protective powers. In some cultures and religions, the name of God, a symbol or a magical word has to be engraved on the talisman. The most famous talisman of all: The Holy Grail.

An example of a jewelry talisman would be a charm or an amulet like the Hamsa. The Hamsa is well known through the Middle East and North Africa and dates back to ancient Mesopotamia. Hamsa means five which comes from the fingers of the hand otherwise knows as the Hand of Fatima. Unlike the evil eye - which is also a talisman - the Hamsa is for good luck and the evil eye is for protection.

There are also natural talismans like stones, metals, teeth and claws of animals, bones, plants, and seeds like an acorn. I love scarabs carved out of stone. It’s double effect talisman due to the stone’s properties as well as the scarab’s protection against disease and death

 Scarab Swivel Ring - Met Museum

Atlantic Stones: Martha's Vineyard, left & Matosinhos, Portugal right

Have you ever walked on a beach and a shell caught your eye? What was it saying to you? How did it feel when you touched it? I found two ocean smoothed stones: one from Martha’s Vineyard, MA and the other from Matosinhos, Portugal. They were both tumbled in the Atlantic but on opposite sides. I keep one in each hand if I want to feel calm.

If you're still wondering what a talisman is, here are some questions to clarify:
Do you wear a Cross or a Star of David?
Do you wear your great grandmother’s pearls for good luck?
Do you have a ring with your birthstone?
These are all examples of jewelry that are descendants of ancient talismans.

At HUSH HUSH, we call all of our pieces talismans because they were designed to provide sanctuary, protection, and connection. We hope that HUSH HUSH talismans inspire our wearers to courageously discuss taboo subjects. The protection they give is to remind you that you’re not alone.