Janet and Jenée

Meet the founders: Metalsmith meets Wordsmith

This is a modern story about two business partners who met online but are certain that they met face-to-face in a past life. Our reasons for existing lie somewhere between objects of beauty and world-changing activism. We use our talents to leave a legacy by creating a collection of talismans. Sharing these pieces with others is how we demonstrate in the streets. This is how we got here..

Janet Cadsawan is a jewelry designer who creates magical, mythical, jewelry. She melds storytelling and jewelry by crafting pieces inspired by literature and myths. Her designs quickly found a cult following in fashionistas and fans alike when she started designing for TV, movies, and books. You may have seen her pieces on HBO, Amazon Studios, and Netflix. Her next project will be worn on HBO's upcoming Love and Death miniseries. The moment Janet became an activist was at age fifteen when she was kicked out of religion class for speaking up about birth control – at an all-girl Catholic high school.

Jenée Naquin is a creative professional. She styles, designs, writes and advises businesses that want to look and sound their best. Her branding skills were honed in the fashion industry, designing handbags that were found around the world, from Henri Bendels to Lane Crawford. Her infatuation with fashion came from being a small-town girl who desperately wanted to stand out from the pack. As a professional, she now understands the power and necessity of self-expression. The moment Jenée knew she was an activist was on that very early bus ride from NYC to DC for the first Women’s March in her hot pink hat. We don’t think being big and loud equals being brave. Delicate topics need a delicate approach.

Activism can be subtle. We came together to make tiny talismans for big battles. Hush Hush is delicate jewelry for brave people.