Stay  ∞  Necklace
Stay  ∞  Necklace
Stay  ∞  Necklace
Stay  ∞  Necklace
Stay  ∞  Necklace

Stay ∞ Necklace


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There is little room in our culture to appear not in control of our feelings - especially the sad ones.

Inspired by Matt Haig's book Reasons To Stay Alive, we created this pendant to remind you of the little reasons to stick around - giving you something to hold onto because you are not alone.

Matt said, “Where talk exists, so does hope.” which is why HUSH HUSH sparks taboo conversations like this.

Hold this and STAY in the moment. Breathe.

BAR - One Side Smooth & One Side Distressed

  • metal: reclaimed sterling silver 925
  • finish: medium shiny, silver, slightly oxidized
  • bar size: 40mm H x 5mm W x 5mm W - 1.6" H x .2" W x .2" W
  • designer: Janet Cadsawan + AS

Safe Jewelry Care

  • Use warm water, mild dish soap, and a soft brush or cloth
  • Rinse jewelry in a container of water to remove cleaning solutions
  • Organic gems like coral, pearls, ivory and amber can easily scratch. Use a
    new microfiber cloth or a clean makeup brush to softly clean them. Dry on towel and if the gems are strung, don’t touch the silk thread until dry because it will stain.